Let’s dispel all the untruths that we’ve been fed by the media.

“The whole world is against us,” says the press. That is a lie! The majority of countries are with us. Especially those countries that know what it means to be oppressed by an evil government. That is why you see the majority of the Eastern Bloc countries behind us. There are very FEW countries against us and let me tell you why that is. We’ll take them one by one.

FRANCE: The French are not against this war because they are pacifists or a kind people, they are just greedy. Sadaam Hussein owes France literally billions of dollars! They have for years. And have been paying it back slowly and paying it in oil. Sadaam is the sole proprietor of Iraqi oil. It doesn’t belong to the people of Iraq. Sadaam uses that oil to buy weapons that they can’t manufacture locally. Many of those purchases are from guess who? France! The French don’t want the US in there looking around cause the Government knows that they might find many of the Iraqi weapons with labels which read “Made in France”. That wont make them look good. But that’s the least of their worries. If George Bush does what he says he’ll do and take Sadaam out of power, then the bill owed to France BY Sadaam will become zero and France is out of the money. The French don’t want to lose billions of dollars and they’re certainly not going to lose more money by helping us fight Iraq and then give us more money to help rebuild the country. Had they said that from the beginning and been honest with the world I suppose I could find some respect in that. But this back-door way of them trying to make it like WE are the bad guys is atrocious. We’ve done nothing but good to the French and have helped them for many many years. They are ungrateful and selfish. But that’s not all… France has always seen themselves as the leaders of Europe (though they haven’t been that). They feel that there shouldn’t be only one superpower, but there should be at least 2 as to offset the power (kind of a checks and balances idea). Well, they think that THEY should be that superpower with the help of the rest of Europe who of course should follow France as they should (so they think). They call us, “arrogant”. Who are really the arrogant ones? The rest of Europe (which happens to be on our side) are aware of France’s desire for European domination and it is they who find the French to be arrogant. France has always been an American hater. Let’s not forget that we inherited Viet Nam from the French. They are the ones who started the whole thing and then we were left to bail them out of it. Also we must recognize that the French do not like to fight side by side with Americans OR the English. The English and the French have bitterness which goes back to WWII. The press tries to make fun of “freedom fries” etc, but that’s because they forget all we have done for France in the past. The press have very short memories until it’s something that they can use in their twisted slanted coverage.

Germany: Same problem with the money. But Germany is coming around. Frankly, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to get the Germans into a war mentality. They become very blood hungry once they get stirred up.

Turkey: Turkey has their own agenda. They want part of Iraq for themselves and they think they can get it. They have already massed troops past their own boarder and into Iraq. There has been a long time battle with the Turkish and the Kurds. What we don’t want is a battle within a battle, that would only complicate things with our own military and our own mission. Turkey will be glad to see Sadaam gone, they think it’ll make it easier to take the part of Iraq that they feel has always belonged to the Turks.

Canada: Canada is making me sick. I have duel citizenship, American and Canadian. My mother's side is all Canadian and my Grandma, who past away a few weeks ago, is Canadian. I have many Canadian friends there as well but I'm just fed up with the Country. They live off the US's coatsleeves. No matter they so strongly disagree with that, it's still reality. Any Canadian who disagrees with me is living in a dream world. They at least should show the earned respect they owe to America. They have prospered because of us and they need to show some humility. The Canadians are a great people but they are only hurting themselves. The good people there, are with us, but there's not as many as you may think... Canada is a liberal country, more liberal then ourselves. They try to fashion themselves somewhat after the Europeans and so have been duped by France and Germany. I'll get a lot of angry letters from Canadians over this but I'm not here to make anyone happy but to reveal the truth as put in G-d's word. Iraq is an enemy of Yehova and it strikes against His Chosen People. Canada's government... and most of it's people are on the wrong side.

The Arab Countries: I didn’t include Turkey here, as the Turks are not Arabs, they are Caucasians. They are Islamic but they are very loose in their ideology concerning Islam compared to most of the Arab nations. There are 22 Arab nations. They are all dictatorships! This is important to understand as I continue on. GW Bush has made it known that he wants to place a democracy in Iraq. He’s gone on to say that once the oil is seized that he will give it back to the Iraqis. Once he does this (and he will) you will see a huge difference in the lives of the common people. Right now, most of the Iraqis are going hungry. The press is trying to say that is because we placed an embargo on Iraq. Sadaam has had billions that he could’ve used to help his people but he has chosen to keep it for himself while the Iraqis starve. This was his choice, not ours. But once he is out and we give that money to the people of Iraq, we will see their standard of living rise dramatically. Now, just think if you’re a neighbor of Iraq’s still living in a dictatorship where the few rulers are extremely wealthy but you and the other people are dirt poor. What will happen is that they will say to themselves something like this… “Hmm, those Iraqis are living pretty good with all that oil money they’re getting now. Ya know we should do the same thing. If we overthrow our leaders, we’ll become rich!” That is the last think the princes of Saudi want to hear. And the ayatollah of Iran is afraid of the same thing as well as any other Dictator in the Arab countries. OF COURSE THEY DO!!! They don’t want to see this happen. It’s suicide to them. They’d lose ALL their money and ALL their power.
I’ll have more to say about these leaders shortly.

The UN: Hmm, I’ll try to keep this as short as I can but if you want more info, just let me know, I have volumes on this. The UN has always hated the US and also Israel. Why’s that? Because it’s mostly made up of Arab nations. Take a look sometime at the seats and how they vote. It’s always the overwhelming majority against 2 nations. Those 2 nations would be Israel and the US. Dozens of resolutions have been made against Israel and all the Arabs jump onboard, matter of fact they are the ones drawing them up. They are always pressing for action to be taken against Israel but they are usually stopped by America. The UN has been zero good for us. They talk like they are there to help. Where were they when thousands of people in Rwanda needed help? They just left them and didn’t say a word and allowed them to be slaughtered. They've done this to many countries but they always have something to say against little Israel. (Israel is the size of New Jersey) The UN is active in taking terrorists in their vans across the boarders from the West Bank into Israel to let the terrorists attack innocent women and children in Israel. How do we know that? I’ve seen with my own eyes a UN van that was hit by machinegun fire by the Israelis because they knew there were terrorists and bombs in the van. It left a crater in the ground about 20 feet in diameter. Gas tanks don’t blow up a hole that big my friend. Only a van full of explosives can do that. Same for the Red Cross. Did you know that the Red Cross acknowledges the Red Crescent (the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross) but doesn’t recognize the Mogen Daveed (the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross)?
These organizations are tools of liberals and Moslems and we should get rid of both of them. Bush knows about the UN and he knew they would turn on him, but he’s pressing on anyway without them. When the UN turned on us the Israelis were there watching. You know what they say? “Well, we tried to tell you”

Now what else is the media feeding us feebleminded folk? That’s how they look at us… feeble minded. They’re partly correct. Most Americans, as well as any other people group, seem to just eat up whatever they tell us. I have formal training in media and am currently getting a degree in the subject. We are told that we decide what the people believe. When they come to the movie theater, we have a captive audience. They are ours for 2 hours. We got them at home too they tell us. We decide the message and then they teach us what that message is. I’m not attending a Christian school and I’m glad in this instance (I’ve attended many Christian colleges) so I can see what they are turning out. And I’m telling you, you’ve been bamboozled. Let me tell you some things that the media has fooled you about.
“Bush is an idiot” I see it on Jay Leno, Saturday night live and Conan O Brian. Same skits in a different way. They make it look like Bush is a high school drop out. That somehow he made it past the 5th grade but that’s just because his father was President. That’s all a lie. Bush has twice the brains of Clinton and Clinton is a smart man… evil, but smart. You can’t become president unless you’re smart enough to beat everyone else. Did you know this… Bush is a Harvard graduate! That is the school most recognized by liberals! And he graduated from it as a conservative! That is no easy feat. He is highly intelligent. So why all the jokes? Because there’s a hidden underlying hatred for the man by the liberals and the ungodly. They were happy when an adulteress was in leadership. Someone that would give them the OK to sin without the thought of repentance. Someone as ungodly and unrighteous as himself or herself. They loved that. But this man, this President (they don’t even want to call him that though he rightfully took that position) Bush is a man who fears G-d and they hate that. Have you seen that hatred in them? Ever take a close look at the protesters? Do you see any peace in their eyes or an all out vengeance? Do they really look like they want peace? Or do you just see them looting, spreading graffiti damaging private property and stealing (like US flags). These aren’t peaceful people… they are criminals and should be regarded as such. They are not exercising their rights (as the media says) they are traitors. They hate America (that’s why they are always blaming America every chance they get) and hate this President. I’ve heard some of my Christian brothers and sisters say, “Once we find weapons of mass destruction they will apologize”. I have news for you. They wont. All of those who hate this administration will not change their tune. They will simply find something else to blame him and this country for. They are not interested in facts, they are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in getting GW Bush out of office so they can place an appeaser in his stead. What do I mean by appeaser? Someone who will do as they want. Someone who will attack Christian countries (like Clinton with Kosovo) and lead them down the path of ungodliness. Only that will satisfy them.
The US news is one sided and they hope for our downfall. By watching the news you’d think we are losing this war. We’re not. This war has been the most successful war in the world’s history. By watching the news you’d think we are killing too many civilians. We are not. Around Normandy 14,000 civilians were killed. We are way ahead of the game. If we played our odds in Vegas, we’d all be rich now.
If I had one complaint it would be that we’re not doing ENOUGH damage. Tariq Aziz told ABCNEWS' Richard Engel that he laughs at us. He thinks we aren’t hitting hard because we are weak. He has no conception that we are trying NOT to hurt the people. Having lived with the Arabs in the Middle East for many years I know how they think. They see this as a lack of power. Power to them is total destruction like in every one of their wars. When their dictators see something as small as an uprising, they level the entire city. They don’t try to miss the mosques that they see as so holy, they take the mosque down first cause they know that that’s where the people congregate en mass. After the city is completely destroyed they bring in the bulldozers to go back and forth over the entire area so that the city looks like it never existed. Not because they’re afraid of what their people might think but rather to let the people know that if they cause trouble that they wont even be a memory. This is power to them. What we have to do is think and fight on their terms and beat them at their own game. Does that mean we have to kill innocents? Yes it does. In this culture you can’t decipher between the weeds and the flowers. If you pull up the weeds the flowers will follow. G-d knew this about particular cultures. There were times when G-d told David to go into the city and kill every man women and child and even the every animal. PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) wont understand this. Human rights activists wont understand this but as a Believer we should understand that there are cultures that have such an animosity towards what is good that you have to -IN MERCY- kill. Bush has had to and will continue to have to make some hard decisions.
“That will just breed more terrorists” How many of you have heard that one? How far would that have gotten us in Nazi Germany? According to that theory, when we killed Hitler and his Nazis the whole world by now would be saying sieg Heil. I don’t see Nazis on every corner and we killed them!
“This will be another Viet Nam” I don’t see any Vietnamese taking our planes into our skyscrapers. Besides that, this war will be short. Not a few days like the press tried to make it out. No military man in their right mind (I was US Army infantry division stationed at FT. Knox) would think a war of this size would be over in a couple of weeks and no military man did think that. That was all hype from the press. It will take time and we will take casualties. We’re going to find out first hand what Israel has been going through. We learned from the twin towers, we learned about gas masks, (I was in Israel during the first gulf war, I watched scud missiles go right over my head) and we’re going to learn a lot more. Information from Israel will be the most sought info by Americans.

What should we do after the war? We should get out. As quick as possible. And every time we see them building up their weaponry we need to go and bomb heavily. Might will make right in that part of the world, that’s all they understand. They will continue to fight among themselves. The press makes it look like that is our responsibility. That’s ludicrous. Our responsibility is to our people first. We’re a G-dly nation in spite of all our problems. We still have more Christians on our soil then any other country on this planet even without all the fakes you know at your church.

What about North Korea? We’ll get to them. We first need to deal with Iraq. Bush will deal with N. Korea covertly. You don’t send thousands of Americans to a country that may have the bomb. And by the way, we’re still not 100% sure they have the bomb yet but they are defiantly close. Bush will probably send a few spies and covert units to find where their bombs are and either steal them or render them useless and then promptly bomb the nuclear facilities they have so they can’t produce more.

Above all, don't worry folks. We are in G-d's hands. This is a G-dly war and we will be victorius. Make no doubt about it, this is bigger then George W. Bush and G-d will have His way.
May the shalom of Jesus be with you.
Rabbi Stanley
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